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bride and groom skyview fall river estes park wedding

Estes Park Wedding Photographers | SkyView at Fall River Village Wedding

If you're planning a wedding at SkyView at Fall River Village in Estes Park, check out this wedding for inspiration!

Five years ago, Nikki met Bobby in Atlanta when he was traveling for work. It did not take long for them to hit it off and soon enough, they fell in love and planned for their perfect wedding.

However, 2020 has been a wild ride for everyone and their plans did not pan out exactly how they were meant to, but not even a pandemic could stop them from making their dream a reality. Nikki and Bobby maintained a positive attitude and decided to have their wedding at SkyView at Fall River Village. It’s a modern venue in Estes Park with panoramic Rocky Mountain views. I love this venue because you can have the place for the whole weekend! Weddings at SkyView at Fall River Village are amazing because they offer onsite bedrooms so guests don’t have to leave early.

Nikki came walking down the aisle in the most beautiful, silk, white gown. It had an intricate beaded top that elevated her shine. With smiles on their faces, Nikki and Bobby were married, surrounded by the people they loved the most! After an exciting ceremony, they walked back down the aisle as newlyweds, followed by a bubble-gun recessional! How fun is that? Shortly after the ceremony, the two went back to their bridal suite where they were immersed in their culture with an intimate family ceremony. The bride’s parents gave both her and Bobby little red envelopes that symbolize good luck and prosperity in their culture, wishing them a happy and full life together. These two really wanted their wedding to be a cultural experience. They even went to Thailand to take photos in their wedding attire prior to the wedding! It is common in Asian cultures for these pre-wedding photos to be beautifully displayed on their wedding day for the guests to see. With the ceremonial journey over, the party began! The reception was magically decorated with floral centerpieces, glass plated numbers that stood on wooden bases, and pre-wedding photos of themselves at each table. Making sure to take photos with every guest, Nikki and Bobby personalized leather key chains for each person attending the event. There was not a detail in this wedding that did not go unnoticed, which made for the most spectacular wedding. With the emotions in the room on full blast and happiness beaming from everyone’s faces, it was time for speeches. Nikki’s cousin and maid of honor had collected videos of family and friends that could not make it to the wedding. While the video played, the love and appreciation for one another filled the room. I even got emotional! It made for a memorable experience. In the end, this wedding was a party! Both the bride and groom had specific outfits to dance in and to have a formal exit. All eyes on them, please! Much like their recessional, their exit involved more bubbles and glow sticks to light up their future. They treated their guests with the utmost respect, even booking them all a Rocky Mountain National Park Trolly Tour for the following day! This wedding night was one for the books! Congratulations Nikki & Bobby!

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this SkyView at Fall River Village Wedding to life! If you’re planning a wedding at Skyview at Fall River Village or anywhere in Estes Park, get in touch!

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