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bride and groom sara smith chapel wedding ymca estes park

Sara Smith Chapel Wedding | YMCA of the Rockies Wedding

I have to tell you about this incredible love story that has quickly become my new favorite. From the moment they became roommates in Atlanta, it was evident that there was something between Matt and Maddie. They initially dated other people while living together. After a year, they took the plunge and started to date each other.

One adventure that really stood out to me was their spontaneous road trip to Virginia for a trail running getaway. Despite the challenges they faced along the way, their spirits remained high. Maddie still talks about the time she relaxed in a claw-footed tub, watching raindrops fall from the trees. It's the little things that count.

Also, Maddie's proposal to Matt? During a trail run at Mt. Rainier, she cleverly asked him to take a photo with her, but in reality, it was her way of popping the question!

This super fun couple bond over dancing, playing music, binge-watching Ted Lasso, running trails, loving on their pets, and sharing ice cream with sprinkles. Perhaps this is what makes their love story so warm and relatable.

Their YMCA of the Rockies wedding was a beautiful day. Against the mountain backdrops, Matt and Maddie wrote their vows in separate cabins. Despite weather concerns, the skies cleared just in time for their first look.

They exchanged their vows at their Sara Smith Chapel Wedding ceremony, acknowledging the indigenous land and its rich history. The reception, held at the Upper Cookout Pavilion, captured their infectious energy and love for community. Oh, and the ice cream they served? Matt and Maddie had placed a special order at the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House. They chose the mouthwatering flavor of Persian Chocolate Spice—and trust me, it was absolutely delicious!

The YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park is an ideal wedding location with stunning mountains, rivers, and wildlife. As a photographer, beautiful places like these make my job so enjoyable. When couples book a wedding here, they can choose from various indoor and outdoor venues, including the chapel and pavilions. Even with the venue's excellent amenities, it's their sense of community and connection that aligns with Matt and Maddie's core values.

Matt and Maddie's love story is proof that connection indeed flourishes even in unexpected places. Their YMCA of the Rockies wedding mirrored their energy and passion for building a strong community. They celebrated their wedding surrounded by friends and family who came from all over the globe. Congratulations to you two!

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Second Photographer Melissa Del Vecchio

Estes Park Wedding Photographers Maria B. Photography

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