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Bride and Groom Outdoor Photos at their Tivole Turnhalle Wedding

Denver Wedding Photographers | Tivoli Turnhalle Wedding

If you’re planning a Tivoli Turnhalle Wedding in Denver, you’ll love this!

Courtney and Kyle exchanged vows and celebrated their marriage at Tivoli Turnhalle, a historic venue in Denver that offers a breathtaking view of the city. Their wedding was filled with joy and excitement; it was clear that these two know how to throw a party!

The day began with the girls preparing for the festivities at the elegant Magnolia Hotel. One of my favorite moments was capturing Courtney's bridal portrait in the hotel lobby. Meanwhile, the guys got ready at a private home.

The ceremony took place in front of a stunning arch adorned with lush greenery. The couple added a personal touch by including readings from their loved ones. It was a truly unique experience.

For cocktail hour, they adorned the area with golden geometric holders holding flickering tea lights. I loved this elegant touch. The reception took place on the main floor, which transformed from the ceremony location at Tivoli Turnhalle. I love how vibrant this venue is and how many beautiful spots there are for taking photos. Weddings at Tivoli Turnhalle give out a great ambiance thanks to the historic building's charm.

Why you should have your wedding at Tivoli Turnhalle

Tivoli Turnhalle is a hidden gem in the heart of Denver that's all about history and charm. Think exposed stone walls and an intimate vibe that sets the perfect stage for your special day. Tivoli Turnhalle is super affordable compared to other wedding venues in Denver. And let's not forget the location—it's a prime spot with easy access to all the good stuff in town. The best part? There is a great city view that are perfect for photos.

A little back story about this awesome couple--Courtney and Kyle both swiped right! They met on Tinder before (In Courtney’s words) it got spammy and was actually used for dating. After a couple of dates, they decided to delete the app and the rest is history. They both love to travel, hike with their dogs, play lawn games and hope to live abroad someday. I actually met them on the dance floor of another wedding I photographed! I saw how much fun they were having and I said, “You two look so fun, I hope I photograph you wedding!” A year later, I did just that! Congratulations, Courtney and Kyle!

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this Tivoli Turnhalle Wedding to life! If you’re planning a wedding at Tivoli Turnhalle or anywhere in Denver get in touch!

Wedding Planner Hourglass Productions

Hair & Makeup Preslee Hair Style

Florals MJM Designs

Second Photographer Ashley Elizabeth

Denver Wedding Photographers Maria B. Photography

4 comentarios

Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar
20 ago 2023

The outdoor photos are excellent, and during the cocktail hour, charming gold geometric tea lights added a delightful touch. Tivoli Turnhalle's historic ambiance perfectly complemented the reception. Congratulations, Courtney and Kyle!.

Me gusta

Couch Coconut
Couch Coconut
16 ago 2023

I've never actually been to an indoor wedding before. But the Tivoli Turnhalle makes it look so effortless. So classy. And the photos do it justice, I'm sure. Love to see couples born out of dating apps. Just goes to show that love will always find a way, even in the most unexpected of places. Funny too, and really cool how you met them both at a different wedding and ended up getting you as their photographer when their turn came!

Me gusta

14 ago 2023

Courtney and Kyle's story is the epitome of modern love! Their choice of Tivoli Turnhalle as a wedding venue speaks volumes about their appreciation for history and authentic ambiance. I've always believed that choosing the right wedding venue is integral to setting the mood, and Tivoli Turnhalle certainly adds a touch of historic charm and elegance. The use of tea lights in gold geometric holders is such a trendy and beautiful touch, perfect for those looking to marry contemporary aesthetics with a classic venue. It's also refreshing to see how technology plays a role in bringing couples together these days. Cheers to the lovely couple for forging a connection amidst the vast digital sea. Your wedding photography truly captured the…

Me gusta

13 ago 2023

Tivoli Turnhalle is gorgeous! I love the rock walls, and the details were captured in these photos so well. The LOVE pillow, the dress details, the bridesmaid cheers toast, the centerpieces, the groom's shoes and cologne, the dog cake topper. Beautiful pictures that will keep those moments alive for a long time after the wedding!

Me gusta
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