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bride groom kiss rainbow mountain view ranch wedding
Pine Wedding Photographers | A Mountain View Ranch Wedding

Brittany and Clayton got married at Mountain View Ranch in Pine. As a Colorado wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing their big day filled with emotion, joy and stunning moments. If you're planning a wedding at Mountain View Ranch, you'll enjoy this post!

From Neighbors to Best Friends

Brittany and Clayton met on a warm summer day in Denver. They were neighbors residing in the charming 999 Pearl St. Apartments. Little did they know that the universe had an extraordinary plan for them. Their relationship began with a friendship that blossomed over time. They quickly became inseparable and as they spent time together, they realized their feelings for each other had evolved beyond friendship.

The First Date

Their first date was a musical adventure, attending a concert at Levitt Pavilion to watch Vertical Horizon. This became a memorable milestone in their relationship, as they enjoyed the music, each other's company, and the beginning of a journey that would lead to their dream wedding.

A Proposal in Tropical Paradise

Clayton knew that the perfect moment to propose to Brittany had to be as extraordinary as their love for each other. With meticulous planning and a touch of spontaneity, he orchestrated a proposal that would leave both of them with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Maui was the chosen stunning backdrop of the proposal. On the day of, they set out on a hiking adventure, heading towards a hidden gem, a picturesque waterfall along the iconic Road to Hana. As they reached the top of the waterfall, Clayton revealed a family heirloom--his grandmother's wedding ring, a symbol of generations of love and commitment. With the sound of the waterfall and gentle breeze embracing them, Brittany said "Yes!".

The Couple

The two share a deep passion for life and adventure. Their favorite activities include rock climbing, camping, savoring delectable sushi, spending quality time with their beloved cats, immersing themselves in live music and exploring new destinations.

Their ideal holiday involves discovering new cultures, trying new things, and indulging in the culinary delights of each city they visit.

A Mountain View Ranch Wedding

Their wedding day, set against the enchanting backdrop of Colorado's natural beauty, was filled with emotions and unexpected rain shows that brought a gloomy ambience, perfect for capturing stunning photos. The couple chose to maintain the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, creating a touching and emotional first sight down the aisle. The ceremony, officiated by Clayton's sister, was a beautiful representation of their love and commitment to one another. Afterward, they celebrated the start of their new chapter with a shot and signing their marriage license. Amidst laughter and heartfelt conversations, they enjoyed a heartwarming cocktail hour with their friends and family.

Brittany and Clayton are devoted cat lovers and they honored their two beloved cats by displaying paintings of them at the bar, ensuring that they were part of their special day in spirit. A breathtaking first dance as a married couple sealed their love in front of their guests. As the sun set, a radiant rainbow appeared, providing the perfect backdrop for more breathtaking photos. The night continued with a lively dance party and they bid farewell to the celebration with a fun sparkler exit! Congratulations to you two!

Why Mountain View Ranch is a great place to get married

The reception was held in a barn – I love this venue because they offer inclusive packages and really showcase a rustic style. Weddings at Mountain View Ranch are amazing, because the grounds are completely stunning. Mountain View Ranch is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, and is one of the loveliest places to get married in Colorado. The venue offers onsite bedrooms so guests don’t have to leave early – and there are many rustic buildings on the grounds as well as mountain backdrops that are perfect for photos. Mountain View Ranch weddings offer a magnificent natural setting. Its versatile spaces and stunning views make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a truly memorable wedding day.

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this Mountain View Ranch Wedding to life! If you are planning a wedding at Mountain View Ranch in Pine, get in touch!

Wedding Venue Mountain View Ranch

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Suzzy Ekeha
Suzzy Ekeha
Aug 22, 2023

I love the cover photo. So picturesque with the rainbow in the background surrounded by nature. A perfect proposal, a perfect venue and a perfect photographer to capture the perfect moments and memories. Truly, this is a perfect love story. Cheers to the couple🥳


Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar
Aug 20, 2023

First and foremost, I'd like to commend one aspect that stood out to me in the images: the deliberate avoidance of plastic in favor of wood. As you observe, the welcome items were elegantly presented on a flat wooden surface. The wedding photos exude a charming wooden aesthetic, with a color palette reminiscent of the natural warmth of wood. A wedding set amidst the open expanse of nature is a truly remarkable experience, radiating captivating outdoor vibes. I hold great admiration for their thoughtful choices.


Aug 17, 2023

That first picture with the rainbow is amazing!! What a great shot that could not have been planned for. It was like a blessing from God. Britt and Clay’s farm wedding makes me want to go more rustic for mine. Our wedding is going to be on the small side, only 12 or so people so we are still planning things out. This has given me a lot of inspiration!!


Couch Coconut
Couch Coconut
Aug 16, 2023

The pine forest as the backdrop, the rustic cabins, and nature's majesty all around--a wedding at Mountain View Ranch sounds like a visit to a fairy kingdom. My personal favourite of these photos is the one where the bride and groom are walking hand-in-hand and a rainbow behind them just adds to the perfect setting that this venue already is!


Aug 16, 2023

wow now this is the ultimate colorado wedding with those views and rustic vibes! love the energy of this couple and how can you not love the rainbow that showed up just for them?

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