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Denver Wedding Photographers | A Skylight Wedding in Denver

If you're planning a wedding at Skylight in Denver, you'll enjoy this wedding!

H & R got married at Skylight, which is a wedding venue in Denver with an urban vibe. It was such a fun day and these two really know how to throw a dance party!

How It Started

Love stories often begin with a chance encounter, and Hayley and Rob's Meet Cute was no exception. Fate brought these two spirits together in a lively club called The Madhatter in D.C., where it all began. They had no idea that their seemingly unremarkable night out would result in forever.

Love Knows No Boundaries

Following their chance encounter, Hayley and Rob started seeing each other long-distance. Rob lived in Syracuse and Hayley in Williamsburg. They treasured every second they spent together, especially their first actual date at the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse.

A Proposal on the Heights of Boulder

Hiking became one of their favorite hobbies due to their mutual love of adventure and the great outdoors. Rob made the decision to develop their connection further during one of these thrilling treks at Boulder Mountain Park. Rob surprised Hayley with a ring box when they arrived at a rocky outcrop surrounded by breathtaking scenery. She was sweaty and covered in mud, but she knew Rob loved her unconditionally and with all his heart. It was the ideal time to say "Yes!" The couple celebrated this moment with their dog, Ellie.

Two Sides of Justice

Hayley and Rob may have been on opposing sides of the courtroom due to their professional careers. Hayley works for the District Attorney's Office, pursuing justice and offering consolation to victims. Rob, on the other hand, worked as a State Public Defender, offering unflinching support and defending people who were charged with crimes. Their conflicting positions turned into a hilarious element during their wedding ceremony, giving their special day a particular touch.

Despite their hectic work lives, the couple love spending time together by watching TV and movies. Rob's renowned handmade popcorn is always a must! They enjoy visiting eateries and making homemade pizza and pasta. In the warmer months, they like hiking and spending time in nature.

Why SKYLIGHT is a great place to get married

Hayley and Rob's wedding was held at SKYLIGHT in Denver's Arts District. The 4,200-square-foot space with polished concrete floors, open beams, towering ceilings, and original exposed brick was a gorgeous blank canvas for their dream wedding. Because of its timeless appeal and versatility, they could design every part of their celebration to reflect their love and personality.

The day started out with a few details of Hayley getting ready and putting on her dress. Then we walked outside to meet Rob for their First Look and Wedding Party Photos. Their ceremony was beautiful and was officiated by a good friend. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour outside while SKYLIGHT staff flipped the ceremony space into a reception area. The reception was decorated with succulents in gold geometric detail, which I loved. SKYLIGHT is great because you can totally personalize it. SKYLIGHT is the perfect venue for couples who want a big party, and is one of the coolest urban places to get married in Denver.

From their chance encounter at The Madhatter to Boulder Mountain Park and Denver's SKYLIGHT, this wedding was one for the books. Congratulations!

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this Denver Skylight Wedding to life! If you are planning a wedding at Skylight in Denver, get in touch!

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