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bride and groom portrait grant-humphreys mansion wedding

Denver Wedding Photographers | Grant-Humphreys Mansion Wedding

Here's a place perfect for making unforgettable wedding memories - Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver. This historic venue holds a special place in my heart, and it was the perfect backdrop for Nicole and Matt's wedding, a couple who radiates love and adventure.

Nicole and Matt first crossed paths at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in 2014. Nicole, a fresh-faced carny, caught Matt's attention during her orientation. But nervous as Matt was, he couldn't find the courage to approach her. Lucky for him, Nicole took matters into her own hands with subtle moves that caught Matt's attention. From that moment on, their lives intertwined, and they became inseparable.

The couple faced their fair share of long-distance hurdles as they pursued their college degrees. For three years, Nicole studied in Colorado while Matt was in South Dakota. Distance couldn't keep them apart, though, as Nicole eventually moved to Kansas after graduating, shortening the geographical gap between them. Fast forward to 2020, when Matt graduated and accepted a job in New Mexico. And finally, in the summer of 2021, Nicole and Matt reunited, excited about their future together.

Now, let's dive into Nicole and Matt's unique proposal story. Picture this - it's a typical morning, and Nicole has just woken up. Little did she know that this seemingly ordinary day would become one of the most extraordinary moments of her life. Matt drops down on one knee in their kitchen, ring in hand, and asks her to marry him. How beautifully untraditional and unforgettable! To celebrate, the couple attended a 10 am showing of Batman and later indulged in a delicious Chinese buffet. Love stories like theirs remind us that the truest most meaningful moments are often the simple ones.

Taking inspiration from Nicole and Matt's love for adventure, Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver offers a picturesque and romantic setting for their wedding day. Nestled in the heart of Denver's historic district, this stunning 120 year old mansion combines old-world charm with modern elegance, creating an atmosphere that will leave both the couple and their guests in awe.

Imagine exchanging vows at their terrace, with the mansion's timeless architecture serving as a backdrop. The elegance of the venue perfectly complements Nicole and Matt's black-tie affair, providing an exquisite blend of natural beauty and sophistication.

As outdoor enthusiasts, Nicole and Matt love exploring trails and venturing into the wild. Grant-Humphreys Mansion offers the perfect location for their free-spirited souls. With its proximity to breathtaking hiking trails, guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature before joining the couple for a day filled with joy, laughter, and celebration.

Oh, and speaking of their adventurous spirits, did I mention that Grant-Humphreys Mansion is pet-friendly? Nicole and Matt's fur babies stole the show as they don their adorable little life vests while walking down the aisle. Whether it's a stroll through the gardens or a paddle boarding adventure on a nearby lake, Grant-Humphreys Mansion offers endless opportunities to create unforgettable memories with beloved four-legged family members.

Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver is the epitome of charm and elegance, making it the perfect location for Nicole and Matt's wedding. The historic architecture, lush gardens, and pet-friendly atmosphere create a magical ambiance that embodies their adventurous spirits and timeless love. I can't wait to show you Nicole and Matt's dream wedding come to life in this idyllic setting. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and adventure!

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this Grant-Humphreys Wedding to life! If you are planning a wedding at Grant-Humphreys Mansion, get in touch!

Wedding Coordinator A Glass of Champagne

Hair & Make Up Jessica Lopez

DJ & Officiant JCarter Weddings

Videographer J Grey Media

Associate Photographer Rachel Audette

Grant-Humphreys Mansion Wedding Photographers: Maria B. Photography


Aug 28, 2023

What an enchanting account of Nicole and Matt's love journey leading up to their big day at Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver! I've always believed that choosing the right venue sets the tone for the entire wedding, and this mansion undoubtedly offers the perfect blend of elegance and history. The fact that it's pet-friendly is the cherry on top! The photos, especially the one with the dogs inking their paw print on the marriage license, exude genuine joy and emotion. Moreover, the attention to detail in the 'His Vows' shot with the groom's essentials showcases how essential wedding photography is in capturing those intricate, personal moments. Cheers to Nicole, Matt, and their delightful four-legged family members on beginning this beautiful chapter.…


Suzzy Ekeha
Suzzy Ekeha
Aug 22, 2023

The proposal😩What a totally magical and surreal moment it must have been, waking up thinking it was just another normal day only to be receiving a promise of forever. Makes me feel mushy gushy inside. I believe the venue was a true reflection of their adventurous nature and it's amazing how every shot brought out the love, affections and emotions capturing moments that will forever be cherished 🥰


Aug 20, 2023

The photos of Nicole and Matt's wedding at Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver are absolutely stunning! The way you captured the natural beauty of the venue and the love between the couple is truly breathtaking. I especially love the photo of the couple with their dogs, that was so adorable. It's so romantic and magical. I know Matt and Nicole will cherish these photos for years to come.


Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar
Aug 19, 2023

The most unique thing was their dog's paw print on the marriage license — such a lovely moment. Each frame is distinct from the others and has its own unique style. I will definitely hire you when my marriage happens.


Couch Coconut
Couch Coconut
Aug 16, 2023

Everything looks so elegant! I love how these posts tell the couples' stories as well. It's like we get to peek behind the scenes. The mansion is definitely a very sophisticated choice for a wedding. And if I were in Denver, I'd definitely love to get married in such a special place as the Grant-Humphreys Mansion!

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