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Monument Wedding Photographers | A Hearth House Venue Wedding

Love frequently blossoms in the most unlikely of places, and for Alison and Nate, it all began with a love of poetry in common. In the expanse of the internet, two individuals, each a poet in their own right, met one another. Through the beauty of written words, their bond grew. A love tale that ended in a stunning wedding celebration at the charming Hearth House Venue came after years of virtual acquaintance.

Poetic Beginnings

The beginning of Alison and Nate's romance took place online when Nate fell in love with one of Alison's published poems. He was so enthralled by her remarks that he couldn't help but message her to convey his respect for her creativity. They became closer as time went on, and a few years later, they met in person, which strengthened their relationship in both social and business contexts.

A Proposal Under the Stars

Nate knew that stargazing held a certain magic, and he wanted to capture that celestial enchantment for a life-changing moment. He asked Alison to join him in Garden of the Gods for a night of stargazing in the summer of 2020. Alison joined him as they stopped by the side of the road, suspicious yet interested. She had no idea that Nate had involved his nephew in the proposal. Nate wrote his heart out on a card from Detroit, a city full of special memories for them, and the result was a touching letter. Nate was on his knees ready to propose beneath the starry night sky when Alison turned around.

Why Hearth House Venue is a great place to get married

Hearth House Venue is a genuine gem among wedding locations, nestled amid the stunning Colorado surroundings. This location is ideal for couples looking for an exquisite and private wedding experience due to its rustic charm and gorgeous surroundings.

Hearth House Venue is well positioned amidst Colorado's breathtaking natural splendor. The venue's setting immerses visitors in the breathtaking mountains fostering a tranquil and alluring ambiance. The lovely setting makes a perfect backdrop for taking special wedding photos and building priceless memories.

Hearth House Venue has a variety of amenities that may be used to accommodate different facets of a couple's wedding day, making for a seamless and spectacular event. Every venue location has a unique appeal, and couples can choose to hold their ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception there.

Hearth House Venue's ceremony area is a romantic setting where love is the focus of attention. The couple exchanges vows outside or within a gorgeously furnished arch while surrounded by nature's bounty, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

After the ceremony, guests can congregate in a lovely area for cocktail hour. When celebrating the couple's union, visitors can chat and sip cool beverages in this area, which frequently has comfy seats.

The rustic charm of Hearth House Venue's reception space is palpable. It creates the ideal environment for an unforgettable party with its cozy and welcoming décor, lovely furnishings, and magical lighting. The space is a great option for small-scale and large-scale weddings since it can handle different guest sizes.

Every crevice of Hearth House Venue exhibits care and charm; the venue takes pleasure in its attention to detail. The thoughtful features of the venue include outdoor spaces, a bridal cottage, versatile decor and experienced staff.

The Wedding Day

Alison's three exquisite dresses, each symbolizing a different part of their wedding, radiated refinement and adaptability on the wedding day. Her cocktail hour gown provided a hint of charm, while her ceremony gown exuded classic grace. She put on a chic white suit as the evening progressed, which was ideal for dancing the night away.

About 100 people were there for the emotional ceremony when they observed the couple's intense love and bond. Two poets performed poetry that reflected the couple's lyrical journey during the ceremony, which was conducted by a close friend and filled with personal touches. The couple jumped over a broom together as a last symbolic gesture of the wedding. It was once a tradition for enslaved people in the American South to recognize their marriages. Alison and Nate jumped the broom as a way to honor those who did it before them.

Family members and close friends joined in a joyful toast to Alison and Nate's happiness at the reception. Everyone was spellbound by their first dance together, which they shared. The pair sliced their cake, signifying their wonderful future together, amid the love and laughter.

The couple snuck away for a stunning sunset session before the night's festivities took over to capture their love against a breathtaking Colorado sky. Open dancing started as the evening went on, and Alison wowed in her third outfit as she danced with Nate and their cherished guests. They celebrated a private last dance while feeling the love and support of their community, which culminated in a happy stroll through a tunnel of love and good wishes.

The wedding of Alison and Nate celebrated both the beauty and strength of poetry. Every step of their journey radiated love, honesty, and simplicity from their initial internet meeting as poem admirers through their private and emotional wedding. With the love and support of their treasured friends and family, they entered their new chapter with hearts overflowing with gratitude and pleasure. A day of poetry, love, and the promise of a lifetime together, this Hearth House Venue wedding is one of my favorites. Congratulations to you two!

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this Hearth House Venue Wedding to life! If you are planning a wedding at Hearth House Venue in Monument, get in touch!

Wedding Venue: Hearth House Venue

Wedding Planner: Down The Aisle by Maria

Florals: Privé Events

Chalkboard Calligrapher The Wild Goose Co.

Hearth House Venue Wedding Photographers: Maria B. Photography

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02. Sept. 2023

This one is serious goals!

Gefällt mir

Suzzy Ekeha
Suzzy Ekeha
22. Aug. 2023

Their story feels like a page from a fairytale. Then again, I would expect nothing less from two poets trying the knot of fate, weaving their souls together into one. Hearth House Venue seems like the perfect place for this magic to unfold. Thank God there was a great photographer to capture the beautiful moments and magical love story.

Gefällt mir

Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar
19. Aug. 2023

One detail that immediately captured my attention is the cream-based statue placed near the cake, adding a delightful touch. In the initial image, all the charming little elements are perfectly aligned, preserving the memories of the moment. The choice of outfits is commendable. Among everything, the nighttime party stands out as exceptional, providing everyone the opportunity to revel in their own selves.

Gefällt mir

17. Aug. 2023

Nate falling in love with one of Alison’s poems is such a wonderful foundations to their story. You don’t hear about love stories like this very often. If they decide on children, it will be a story their kids will love to hear some day. The wedding looks beautiful and her dress is perfect for her and really made her glow. Such a beautiful ceremony!

Gefällt mir

Janine Heinen
Janine Heinen
17. Aug. 2023

Alison and Nate's love story found its poetic rhythm at a Hearth House Venue wedding. Their journey, beautifully captured in these photos, radiates joy and connection. Cheers to a poetic union and a bright future ahead! #HearthHouseLove

Gefällt mir
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