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Cascade Wedding Photographers | Crystal Creek Reservoir Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding at Crystal Creek Reservoir in Cascade, you’ll enjoy this wedding!

Taylor and Tyler got married at Crystal Creek Reservoir, which is quaint reservoir in the base of Pikes Peak located in Cascade, Colorado. It was a gloomy yet beautiful day. The rain came and went and left the couple with a beautiful rainbow!

The ceremony was an intimate affair under a covered area. During the ceremony they read their own vows. It was really meaningful and emotional. I love shooting at Crystal Creek Reservoir because it’s so relaxed. Weddings at Crystal Creek Reservoir are amazing because the surroundings are completely stunning and sometimes it feels like you have the entire place to yourselves!

Why Crystal Creek Reservoir is a Great Place to get Married

Crystal Creek Reservoir is really peaceful and secluded, and is one of the loveliest places to get married in the base of Pikes Peak. The area is perfect for elopements and intimate weddings – and there are loads of amazing places that are perfect for photos.

You know you live in one of the most beautiful places in the United States when a lovely couple from out of state decides by pictures alone to get married there. That's exactly what happened between Taylor and Tyler. Wanting something small and intimate and out of the norm, Taylor and Tyler decided that they wanted to travel to Crystal Creek Reservoir and get married after seeing pictures of it. It's located at the foot of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs and has the perfect views for a small wedding or elopement. The wedding was simple yet romantic, they both had matching converse shoes on during the ceremony and it makes sense, they're both glass artists and work together at the same studio. A pair that is perfect for each other and has so much in common. Congratulations, Taylor and Tyler!

If you are planning a wedding at Crystal Creek Reservoir or in Colorado Springs, get in touch!

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