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lyons farmette wedding couples portrait
Lyons Wedding Photographers | A Lyons Farmette Wedding

If you're planning a wedding at the Lyons Farmette in Lyons,, check out this wedding for inspiration!

This perfect pair met in physical therapy school when they attended the same class. The chemistry between them was like no other. Before they knew it, they fell in love!

For about six months, E kept the proposal a secret from J - now that’s a long time for the anticipation and excitement to build up! Initially, the plan was to propose to J in Switzerland in 2020, but unfortunately, COVID had a different plan for them. Glacier National park is just as picture-perfect and looks like it came straight out of fantasy, which led to it becoming the next-best proposal location. Of course, J said yes, making their trip to Montana just as romantic, enchanting, and amazing as ever!

Why the Lyons Farmette is a Great Place to Get Married

The magic took place at the Lyons Farmette located in Lyons, Colorado. This venue hosts a small farm where they grow food and flowers and is located next to the St. Vrain River. It was the most beautiful outdoor location that felt authentic to the two. The team did an exquisite job being open to the vision they had for the day and transforming it into a reality - oh, and the farm animals made the day even more special! This Lyons Farmette wedding is definitely one for the books!

The first look is one of the most memorable and emotional moments that take place during a wedding. The first time you see your partner and realize that the moment you both have been waiting for is finally happening brings nothing but pure joy. J surprised E in the most stunning white off-the-shoulder mermaid gown, with a trail of little buttons going down the back, giving it an elegant touch. E turned around and looked at her, hand over mouth, with adoration and awe. Such an endearing and pure moment!

The first look was undeniably one of the top moments of this special day - but we can’t forget about the dance party! Everyone was cheering, dancing, and laughing on the floor with smiles on their faces and drinks in hand. There is nothing like dancing the night away with the love of your life and people who mean the world to you!

The couple’s journey doesn’t end there, and Switzerland wasn’t left on the back burner. Together, they plan to explore new hikes, trails, and the beautiful outdoors while also relaxing on their ideal vacation. In the near future, they plan to take their well-awaited trip to Switzerland so they can discover the country’s natural beauty and make the fondest of memories together. Congrats J and E and thank you for choosing me to document your big day at the Lyons Farmette.

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this Lyons Farmette Wedding to life! If you are planning a wedding at the Lyons Farmette in Lyons, get in touch!

Wedding Venue The Lyons Farmette

Dress & Jumpsuit Romona Keveza

Custom Footwear Chacos

Hair & Make Up Colorado Bridal Co

Wedding Planner Delilah Events

Lyons Wedding Photographers Maria B. Photography

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Suzzy Ekeha
Suzzy Ekeha

I'm amazed at how you are able to the tale of the love birds, capturing the moments and emotions with words and pictures, memories that will be forever cherished.


Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar

The idea of the snap shake stick sign is so cool. I will definitely refer it to my friends for their marriage. And what a lovely location! Switzerland is in my bucket list.



What a sweet couple! I love the dress and the suit choices they made. Both look great on them. The farm setting is too good too. It is modern, chic, but still really down to earth. I love those sparkly blazer jackets too. The photo with the couple on the bridge is stunning!


Couch Coconut
Couch Coconut

There's something about a farm wedding that's just so...charming! And Lyons Farmette is just oozing with that irresistible, enchanting vibe. I'm partial to a country setting myself so, to me, this is a dream venue. And the couple definitely deserved it, seeing how much they adore each other. The love is almost palpable thanks to how expertly the photos capture their energy.



These photos are absolutely perfect! The chemistry and love between this couple are so beautifully captured. The surprise proposal and the enchanting Lyons Farmette setting are a dream come true. The first look moment is filled with genuine emotion and pure joy, and the dance party looks like a blast. Congratulations to J and E on their special day, and kudos to you for brilliantly documenting their journey at the Lyons Farmette! 📸🎉

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