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There are so many things to remember and complete when you start planning one of the most amazing and important days of your life. I have shot a lot of weddings through the years and anytime I get the chance, I recommend a wedding planner to all my clients. Victoria from Happy Lamb Weddings says, “Having a wedding planner helps make sure that at the end of the night everything is taken care of. From wedding gifts to leftover cake to decorations, they are there to help pack up and make sure nothing gets left behind!". Just in case you are on the fence about why you should hire one, check on my top five reasons why below and feel free to reach out to me for recommendations if you need them!

They help take away stress.

Wedding planning can be stressful and often time consuming. There is endless research, details and payments to remember. Wedding planners bring your vision to life by planning, organizing and overseeing all aspects of your wedding! All that is left for you to do is enjoy your big day and the months leading up to it!

They help you stay on budget.

Many couples resist the idea of hiring a wedding planner because they think it will be too expensive. However, hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money by keeping you on budget. They know how much things cost and are knowledgeable in way to maximize your investment. Wedding planners have the experience to manage your money and allocate your budget based on what is important to you.

They are designers.

Wedding planners will help you finalize your wedding vision and turn it into a personalized outcome. From colors, textures, twinkle lights and the bows around the chairs at the reception, they make sure every detail is looked at and brought to life for you.

Production and timeline.

Wedding planners tailor a timeline specific for your wedding day. I can’t stress the importance of this alone, the last thing you want to do is figure out when your wedding party starts to walk down the aisle, or if throwing the bouquet is on schedule with dinner. They also make sure your day runs smoothly. Makeup takes 30 minutes too long? Want to take an extra 15 for wedding party photos? A wedding planner is made to figure out how to make sure it all goes smoothly when time inevitable goes by quicker than you can imagine. 

They help with wedding related issues.

They help mediate family challenges around guest lists and seating. Does great-grandma need a spot closer to the front when you didn’t expect her to attend? A wedding planner can handle that. Their experience can help if a stressful situation arises like bad weather, etc. We all know the big day never goes exactly as planned. They are ready for everything so you don’t have to be. 


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