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Couple in Almagre Wedding

Almagre Wedding Styled Shoot | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographers

If you’re planning a wedding at Almagre Venue + Bar in Colorado Springs, you’ll find tons of inspiration from this wedding styled shoot!

When I heard about a new industrial event venue opening in Colorado Springs that also doubled as a bar, I knew I had to check it out. Almagre Venue + Bar did not disappoint. Victoria from Happy Lamb Weddings and I decided to host a wedding styled shoot here. The space has a rustic and industrial vibe with fully customizable rolling backdrops perfect for any occasion.

Almagre Venue + Bar is located in the heart of Colorado Springs and has an incredible view of the front range. With over 4,000 square feet, Almagre Venue + Bar has the perfect space for your wedding. I love this venue because it has so many great opportunities for portraits and is flexible with your creative vision. Weddings at Almagre Venue + Bar are amazing, because the building has such a great atmosphere.

Why Almagre Venue + Bar is a great place to get married

Almagre Venue + Bar has a real party atmosphere, and is one of the coolest places to get married in Colorado Springs. The venue offers an amazing atmosphere for a wedding – and there is a graffiti wall that’s perfect for photos.

The shoot was scheduled on a snowy day in October and having the indoor space at Almagre Venue + Bar really helped make this shoot happen without a doubt. They offer customization and you can really make a wedding your own. Victoria from Happy Lamb Weddings had a vision for a tropical themed shoot which was executed perfectly thanks to the collaboration of our wonderful vendors you can find below these gorgeous pictures. The colors, the decor, everything was picture perfect. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen!

This Almagre Venue + Bar Styled Shoot in Colorado Springs was a success! Thank you to all these wonderful vendors for their hard work and collaboration.

Wedding Venue Almagre Venue + Bar

Jewelry Laurel & Co

Hair & Make-up Kat Sonner

Wedding Planner: Happy Lamb Weddings

Colorado Springs Wedding Photographers: Maria B. Photography

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08 thg 9, 2023

This is a wedding that is 100% my taste! From their clothes to the bouquet, the decor, the place setting, you’ve put together a dreamy setup, I could easily go for this if I had to marry again. The groom is very dapper, I get strong Gatsby vibes.


Couch Coconut
Couch Coconut
06 thg 9, 2023

"Tropical" isn't the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Colorado Springs. And yet, Almagre and Happy Lamb weddings has summoned island vibes with great ease here. And as far as I can tell from these photos, the bride and groom couldn't have been happier! Everything looked so lush and colourful, perfectly captured as always in these beautifully composed photos. The lens didn't miss even the tiniest details of the dress.


04 thg 9, 2023

This has a lot of tropical and island vibes, and I am here for it! Almagre appears to be an amazing spot for planning a wedding, one I would have never considered prior to seeing this photos. Every picture showcases what proper planning can provide! I love the shots of the couple together. The bride’s dress is stunning!!


16 thg 8, 2023

love the color palette of these. looks like it would be a super fun summer wedding in a tropical place! it's great that almagre venue has indoor options for bad weather!


14 thg 8, 2023

Almagre Venue + Bar seems like an absolute gem in Colorado Springs! As a lover of unique wedding venues, the combination of rustic and industrial vibes sounds like a dream come true for modern couples. It's exciting to hear about venues that can seamlessly accommodate unexpected weather conditions, especially in areas prone to sudden changes. The tropical theme against the industrial backdrop must have been such a stunning contrast. Your post further solidifies the idea that having a wedding in an adaptable space like Almagre Venue + Bar is a brilliant choice. Looking forward to seeing more wedding photography from this venue and others like it in the future. Kudos to the entire team for pulling off what sounds like…

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