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two brides walking golden gate canyon state park wedding

Golden Wedding Photographers | Panorama Point Golden Gate Canyon State Park Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding at Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Golden, you’ll enjoy this intimate wedding!

M and B met through college friends, and just so happened to live next to each other. They lived in the same apartment building and it was clearly meant to be. M proposed to B at Cheesman Park, a significant place in both of their hearts. Cheesman Park is a special place to them because it is often where they walked together and started to fall in love. They then traveled to the beautiful country of Ireland, where B proposed at Giant’s Causeway. If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is!

The two decided to have their ceremony at Panorama Point at Golden State Canyon State Park which is a state park and campsite in Golden. It was important to them to get married in the mountains and it was available on short notice. They love camping and being outside, and they wanted to reflect that in their ceremony. It is neat that they now have a state park to celebrate their anniversary in!

Prior to the ceremony, M and B had their First Look. B stood waiting, while Ma was walked down by her brother. When they turned around, they giggled in happiness because they both chose to wear jumpsuits! Clearly meant to be together, B wore white, while M wore black, unplanned. The ceremony was an intimate affair under a flower arch. During the ceremony they read their own vows. It was a real tear-jerker.

why golden gate canyon state park is a great place to get married.

I love shooting at Golden Gate Canyon State Park because it has so many great opportunities for portraits. Weddings at Golden Gate Canyon State Park are amazing, because the surroundings are absolutely amazing. Golden Gate Canyon State Park is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, and is one of the best places to get married in Golden!

If you are planning a wedding at Golden Gate Canyon State Park, get in touch!

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Aug 16, 2023

how cute that they planned matching jumpsuits unknowingly! beautiful pictures!


Aug 14, 2023

The story of M and B is such a heartwarming testament to serendipity and shared experiences. Their dual proposals add a layer of romance and magic that's genuinely unique. Choosing Golden Gate Canyon State Park for their ceremony is such a perfect reflection of their shared love for the great outdoors. I can only imagine how beautiful the pictures must be, especially given that Golden Gate Canyon State Park is such a dreamy wedding venue. And the unplanned jumpsuit coordination? Such a delightful touch that shows how in sync they are. Your account of the intimacy, personal vows, and the gorgeous flower arch paints a vivid picture for those considering mountain weddings. For couples looking for unparalleled natural beauty, your…


Aug 14, 2023

Golden State Canyon State Park has such an amazing view, and that couple looks so happy! The photos of the dog are adorable. The shots of the bouquets were clear and colorful, so Colorado. The picture of just their hands holding each other is romance itself. Surrounded by trees, on that upper elevation, the photographs from this wedding are unforgettable.

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