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bride and groom kiss intimate denver airbnb wedding

Denver Wedding Photographers | Intimate Denver Airbnb Wedding

If you’re planning to elope or have an intimate Denver Airbnb wedding, then you’ll be inspired by this sweet backyard wedding!

Matt & Kelli are the definition of the famous saying, “go-with-the-flow.” This free spirited, adventurous couple was so fun to work with! Matt & Kelli met in college, and after years of being friends, began their love story. After college, they were both offered jobs in different states - Matt went to Denver and Kelli, to San Diego. After three years of their love extended from state-to-state, Kelli took the leap to move to Denver.

Like I said, Kelli and Matt are free spirits. They love adventuring, traveling, and cooking together as well as trying new cuisine at different restaurants. Their fun, playful attitudes made both their proposal and their wedding moments they would remember forever. Matt proposed to Kelli in March of 2019, an incredible plan set in Palm Springs. However, as Kelli states, “It definitely didn’t go off without a hitch,” because they lost their luggage on the way!

Kelli and Matt rented an AirBnB for their special day in Denver. It was a stunning backyard Denver Airbnb wedding with beautiful flowers and details. They got ready separately and had the sweetest First Look! After their First Look, they exchanged vows and rings. It was so special. We had a lot of fun shooting their couples portraits and first dance as a married couple. This AirBnB had the perfect backyard for everything the couple needed. I can't get enough of the photos of this intimate backyard wedding in Denver!

I love how laid back they were on their wedding day. If you’ve ever visited or lived in Colorado, you know that the weather here is unpredictable. One minute it will be clear skies and sunshine, and the next the sky will grey over with rain. Colorado didn’t change that for their wedding day! This didn’t stop Matt and Kelli from celebrating their marriage however. Mixed with dancing and a beautifully rented AirBnB, Matt and Kelli’s wedding was one for the books. The only thing more impressive than their dance moves was the fact that Kelli could chest bump in a dress! Congratulations Kelli and Matt!

If you’re planning an intimate backyard wedding in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, get in touch!

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