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Portland Wedding Photographers | International Rose Test Garden Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding at International Rose Test Garden in Portland, keep reading below!

Rebecca and Jennings got married at International Rose Test Garden, which is a rose garden in Portland with stunning grounds and a major public attraction. It was such a fun wedding to shoot and Portland's weather didn't disappoint!

Rebecca and Jennings' love story started in Houston, Texas where they met at a Chromeo concert. With their shared taste in music, love was inevitably next. Years later, Jennings took Rebecca for a stroll on a hiking trail where he proposed on top of a mountain! A couple of weeks after that, Rebecca landed a job in Portland, Oregon. They both made the move together and headed for a new adventure.

The International Rose Test Garden has four major gardens and Rebecca and Jennings chose to have their intimate ceremony at the Washington Park Shakespeare Garden. It's a section inside the International Rose Test Garden which is one of Rebecca and Jennings' favorite places to visit. During the ceremony they read their own vows. It was really emotional.

I love shooting at International Rose Test Garden because it has so many great opportunities for portraits. Weddings at International Rose Test Garden are amazing and it is a great place to get married. The venue offers an amazing atmosphere for a wedding – and there are so many beautiful spots that are perfect for photos.There are over 10,000 rose bushes in the garden, different colors and varieties and is an absolute must-see if you visit the city. To make the wedding even more memorable, Rebecca and Jennings' friends and family flew in from all over the U.S. to share their love and support. When the ceremony came, everyone celebrated at 23Hoyt, a new American tavern perfect for the couple to finish the evening. Congratulations, Rebecca and Jennings and thank you for allowing me to capture this beautiful day!

Many thanks to the amazing vendor team who brought this International Rose Test Garden Wedding to life! If you’re planning a wedding at the International Rose Test Garden or anywhere Portland, get in touch!

Dress Eddy K

Hair & Makeup Glamourise

Reception 23Hoyt

Portland Wedding Photographers Maria B. Photography


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