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Buena Vista surprise proposal engagement session

Buena Vista Surprise Proposal Engagement | Buena Vista Wedding Photographer

This surprise proposal engagement session in Buena Vista was absolutely unreal and one I will always remember! It was a surprise proposal engagement session for the books, for sure. Andrew and Jessie, who had been traveling from Florida to Colorado, were so excited to go to Buena Vista, Colorado. It was Jessie’s first time going to Colorado, so it was already going to be an amazing experience.

Andrew’s mother, who was so excited, reached out to me looking for a photographer for her son and soon to be daughter-in-law. I then spoke to Andrew on the phone and he let me know he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend while they were in Buena Vista. It worked out so perfectly because Andrew’s father already lived in Buena Vista and chose two perfect locations for this dream moment to happen. It was amazing to see because it was an entirely family coordinated proposal.

Together, we had all coordinated and decided that Cottonwood Lake would be the best location for the proposal because of its beauty. Andrew’s dad dropped them off and they walked right past me, because I had pretended to be taking photos of my son, but little did Jessie know…

As she was admiring the view, there was an even better view behind her. Andrew had gotten down on one knee and time stopped. It was really an incredible moment to witness and partake in. There was so much beauty and joy surrounding us, it was surreal.

When asked if Jessie had any idea, she had said, “I had no idea what was happening but was wondering why Andrew was so dressed up!” We proceeded to take a few more photos near the lake and then headed to a bridge that overlooked the large Arkansas River.

Overwhelmed with excitement and happiness, Jessie FaceTimed her family and friends on the way home and was so shocked that they all already knew! She was so surprised and proud of her mother, who is her best friend, for keeping such a huge secret from her.

This couple is so sweet and they were always smiling. Instead of arguing, they play rock, paper, scissors, to settle things, and if that doesn’t show you how adorable and on the same page they are, I don’t know what will!

Your engagement session can take place anywhere you want or I can suggest great places depending on what you love. Your session can be anything from a shoot in your home to walking in the woods. My engagement sessions are very laid-back and a great opportunity for the two of you to really connect! If you are needing a Colorado engagement photographer, get in touch!

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